Friday 28 March 2014

Single Way Mine. Bathampton Down.

When:  28 Mar 2014  19.30 – 21.45 pm.
Where:  Single Way Mine.
Who:    Darren T, Dave the Cave and Steve.

First trip down this mine. Its a complete contrast to another mine very close by. All be it within walking distance of Bath University. In such a way as there is absolutely no student rubbish what so ever.
 It is a small underground quarry probably as a result of the poor quality stone. The entrance had collapsed but was re-opened in 2009. A short vertical drop requiring a scramble down a boulder slope leads into a 3m high and 2m wide passage with passages branching off right and left to complexes of workings. The main passage continues straight ahead and terminates in a similar complex. there is a number of roof collapses, some of which are very large. All in all a very pleasant little mine to explore although you have to mind when you enter and exit as its on a golf coarse.

One of the passageways with a large piece of roof on the floor.

 Another collapse, note haulage rope marks on right hand pillar.

    Another large collapse.



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