Wednesday 18 February 2015

Redcliffe Caves, Redcliffe, Bristol.

When:  18 Feb 2015  19.00 – 21.30 pm.
Where:  Redcliffe Caves, Redcliffe, Bristol.
Who:    Darren T, Burt, Dave Grovener, Tim Taphouse, John Da'casto, Alan Grey and a few other members of Bristol and District caving club.

Caving two weeks running I must have the bug again lol.
This trip was organised by Johnny from Bristol & District CC which I am also a member of.
Redcliffe caves are not really caves they are Mine workings from 15th-18th century that extend under the Redcliffe area of Bristol. There are many entrances to the caves and the full extent of the caves are unknown.
Bristol was the largest glass making centre outside of London and the mines main product was fine sand perfect for making glass. Bottles for beers and spirits were produced and the fine sand was also used for ship’s ballast. Goods for African and West Indian trade were stored here in the caves. Some parts were used as an air raid shelter during the second world war. There are many local myths about these caves with tales of smuggling and hidden treasure.
We are returning to do a Photography trip in the future so pictures to follow soon.

For bookings contact the Axbridge Caving Group, c/o Alan Gray. 42 Maynard Terrace, Clutton, Somerset. BS39 5PW, enclosing a SAE. Alan Gray has been giving these tours since 2001. Tours take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening from 7.30pm

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