Wednesday 15 June 2011

Sally's Rift Cave, Bathford.

When:  15 June 2011  19.30 – 10.00 pm.
Where: Sally's Rift Cave, Bathford.
Who:    Darren T, Rich T. Dave G, Tim T, Ivan E, Mad, Digdug.

After going on a few Mine exploring trips Rich and myself thought we would have a go at this caving game. Dave G posted a trip on Darkplaces to go to sally's Rift Cave in Bathford. This is the second longest Gull cave in Britain. We met at the layby at the foot of the hill and followed Dave to the entrance. Dave decided to rig a ladder and lifeline to get us all down the entrance hole. This was our first time on a wire ladder but we managed it well and were soon all at the bottom and set fourth on our mission to explore this rather sporting cave.
The survey is deceptive as movement in the cave is rarely straightforward – squeezes and climbs bar progress continually. Digdub pointed out the scaffolding bar that marked the route into the boulder chamber. Ivan, Digdub and Dave climbed up with the ladder and lifeline bag into the boulder chamber. Mad had a few problems climbing up but managed it in the end.
They rigged the vertical squeeze by looping the rope around a boulder and hanging the ladder down the vertical squeeze. The rift and squeeze are quite tight but it soon opens out into a nice wide rift. The way on is not very clear and as Dave had left the survey in the car we decided to head back and come back another day. we exited the cave problem free and were soon walking back down the hill to the cars.

So what did Rich and myself think of caving, well you probably guessed it we got hooked and will be doing many more trips.


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