Wednesday 28 September 2011

Swildons Upper Series, Priddy, Mendip.

When:   7:00-10:00 28th September 2011.
Where:  Swildons Upper Series - Butcombe chamber and the oxbows.
Who:     Darren T, Flexx, Dave G, Tim T

 Butcombe Chamber and the Oxbows

 This was mine and Flexx's first trip to Swildons and as neither of us had kneepads and Flexx only had his cotton overall Dave G decided it was wiser to keep us in the upper series. Our route is shown in green on the map below. All in all it was a very good trip and when Flexx gets his warmbac we will return and descend the ladder pitch into the much wetter parts of the cave system.
Swildons upper series - the dry and wet ways, the oxbows and butcombe chamber

We entered by the zigzags and came out above Jacobs ladder; descending Jacobs ladder; at the old grottoe we went outwards up the long dry way,; crossed over to the wet way; up the crack/crawl to butcombe chamber; climbed up various holes in butcombe chamber; followed the stream down to the wet way; climbed to the old forty; descended and did the waterfall under the old forty; headed down to visit the twenty; retraced our steps and came out the wet way; I had a minor accident slipping and falling 4 -5 feet and landing on Daves outstretched arm but luckily no real harm was done.


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